BioConversion Facility


BioConversion, n., The conversion of organic materials ( i.e., plant, animal or municipal waste)
to usable products or energy sources by biological processes or agents.

Utilizing state of the art biocontainers and a patented process, our natural BioConversion facility can utilize virtually any source of organic material and create high value Biofertilizer that have immense value to the economy, environment and society. We can process materials from varied sources

The invessel BioConversion digestion process is based on biocontainers and uses proven technology that has been in commercial use since 1994. The air controlled process used by the US Navy since 2000 meets US EPA 503 Biosolids Rules for Class A unrestricted use. The digesters and biofilters are made from internationally patented and modified intermodal shipping containers. Fully corrosion resistant with epoxy coated COR-TEN steel for long life; the process further utilizes proprietary optimizers to enhance the digestive process and to stabilize nutrients to make them bioavailable and nonleachable (P).

The resulting digested material creates a valuable product that can transform a treatment expense into a revenue stream. A new class of High Quality Biofertilizer is the end product. This new class of organic Biofertilizer is characterized by an extremely high level of nutrient bioavailability to plants grown with application of the product. Not only will you be able to produce crops with less application of product, but the plants will be stronger, more disease resistant, and able to retain more moisture (less water consumed). The crops produced will have superior color and texture and will be more vital in their nutrient content when compared with crops raised using normal fertilizers. Because the N is more bioavailable and the P is both nonleachable and bioavailable this new fertilizer product is without precedent in present markets. The Biofertilizer will not only create more vital food products, but will enable the plants to actually utilize waste fertilization and remediate previously over farmed soils.

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