Vision - environmental issues are making daily headlines. Persistent problems created decades ago are surfacing with dramatic toxic dangers. Remediation cost escalates with each passing day. Our firm is emerging internationally by providing solutions to existing problems on several fronts. Within the next year, we will establish our name in the multiple environmental markets by bringing new, economical solutions for old, expensive problems.

Mission - Our mission is to bring collaborative expertise and technology to solve environmental problems while saving our customers money, improving their performance, and leaving the environment better. .

Company history

ENVIRtrade, Inc. or E2 is a modern corporate form that evolved from the Environmental Trade Consortium, LLC founded in 1999 as a means to deliver new and innovative environmental technologies and products to end users. ENVIRtrade has evolved into a nano or cybercorp whose ability rivals contemporary multinational and multi-million dollar corporations, ENVIRtrade stands today within a new paradigm of emerging functional entities suited for business in the 21st Century.

Through its associations and agreements, the company represents technologies and products that address: biofertilizer manufacturing, water technologies, petrol-chemical technologies, bio-remediation, heavy metal remediation, chemical remediation, fire suppressants, hydrocarbon remediation and reclamation, and PCB & Dioxin remediation. In addition, we manufacture ENVIR branded products that create environmentally friendly solutions to many persistent and troublesome problems.

With offices in Hawaii and Georgia, and production facilities in South Carolina as well as affiliates throughout the world, the combined entity creates a complete environmental group servicing a broad spectrum of the current global environmental market. The company is incorporated in Nevada with offices in Hawaii, Georgia, and South Carolina. Through our network of partners and collaborations our projects are global in nature and reside in real time in cyberspace.

Delivering the best of today‚Äôs environmental technologies through the unique utilization of the internet will allow ENVIRtrade to serve the world markets. Moving into the next millennium we will see the remaking of corporations as they exist today. ENVIRtrade has established itself at the forefront of this dynamic shift, to provide both the latest in technology and products and an organization that is the blueprint for the corporation of the future.


The following diagram is an overview of some of our associations in the various areas. Highlighted are our partners who have been most significant contributors to our company. This is not an exhaustive listing of resources and is intended as a guide to companies and areas of influence.