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ENVIRtrade, Inc. or E2 is a nano or cybercorp whose innovation ecosystem was created to take advantage of the global shift brought on by the proliferation of communcations networks. With the ability and freedom to transcend physical and geographic boundaries, ENVIRtrade stands today within a new paradigm of emerging functional entities suited for business in the 21st Century.

ENVIRtrade is more a collective enterprise than the traditional business organization, thus the ENVIRtrade model is one of constant evolution and expanding capabilities bounded only by customer needs, corporate collaboration, and disruptive or unique application of technology. The trend by business to this model is accelerating and will have profound effects on the business landscapes of the future.

Delivering the best of today’s environmental technologies through utilization of the internet allows ENVIRtrade to serve world markets. Moving into the next millennium we will see the remaking of corporations as they exist today. ENVIRtrade has established itself at the forefront of this dynamic shift, to provide both the latest in technology and products and an organization that is the blueprint for the corporation of the future. Innovative application of environmental technology -

Welcome to the ENVIRtrade greenovation ecosystem

Virtual Collaboration

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